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DTS Family Hardship Fund

Help a DTS family stay afloat during the COVID-19 public health crisis

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DTS Family Hardship Fund

Our staff is doing all that we can to ensure that the disruption by the COVID-19 situation does not derail a single DTS student from his or her goal of graduating from college. DTS remains steadfast in our mission to help underserved students realize their goals of high school and college graduation and set themselves on the path to fulfilling futures. You can help.

Today, we ask you to join us in raising emergency funds for our students in need as the public health crisis continues. Your contribution will directly help families that have lost their sources of income to purchase food, basic necessities, medicines, school supplies and more, as most of our families are not eligible for stimulus package aid. Please consider making a donation to the DTS Family Hardship Fund. While we keep our physical distance from each other, we can continue to take care of one another in meaningful and lasting ways.